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I have mental imprints of images and emotions inspired by life and nature that I find similar to these pieces.
Ashes on Snow by Gregory Colbert,
Human by Yann Arthus-Bertrand,
Baraka by Ron Fricke,
and Voyage of Time by Trance Malick.

A small deformed metal object I find on the street, which is usually ignored by passersby,might have a greater impact on me, compared to some big political news that rattles the world.
I think I can be inspired by anything and anyone;
people, relationships, objects, nature, light, taste, myths, philosophy,
the human body form, music, books, films, everyday life, and any pleasant or unpleasant thing that happens in my life.
I see myself on an unknown road that is sometimes troubled by storms and difficult unforeseen incidents, and sometimes this road looks beautiful and shiny to me like paradise.
In this journey, I am seeking tranquility, silence, instantaneity, intuition.
But where do these four titles that I have turned into sculpture come from?
A few years ago in the crowded Victoria Station in London, I was rushing by like every other passengers, when an amazing composition slowed me down.
The birds were flying from one spot to the other, illuminated by the sharp light shining through the ceiling, and a woman’s incredible operatic voice had me frozen in place for a long time amidst the rush.
I was fully immersed in experiencing joy and intuition.

Recently, while hiking near Mount Tochal, the dancing shadow of a small plant reflected on a rock caught my eye.
A moment witnessed only by me.
A few years ago, during a backpacking trip in Central Asia, while crossing the border between Tajikistan and Kirgizstan, I witnessed a strange sense of peace.
Between these two borders there is a 20-kilometer stretch of land, a nameless area that belongs to nowhere.
I picked up a small pebble as a souvenir for a dear friend.
I told him that I have brought the pebble from nowhere.

And I heard the sound of silence in Hormoz Island, inside the small cave beside the goddess of salt, or in the valley of Silence, a place where I wished to stay forever.

For my 30 th birthday, I had decided to have an exhibition.
The idea behind this installation and the Simurgh video art struck me as I was carving a chicken at home.
Inspired by a simple and insignificant daily act.
I hope to be experiencing life on the right spiritual path,
and as the universe always shows me the way with generosity,
I can at least have a positive impact on the world around me.