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Nastaran safaei
Beyond and Above/Monuments for which is forgotten/Body Impressions
21 April -12 May 2017
Aaran Projects Gallery
Video Production : Negar Mostafavi
Monuments for which is forgotten
Reclaiming the remainders of Tranquility, Silence, Instant, and Intuition .
Reverence and worship and mourning for that which has existed at a time past and is no more. Maybe it is still there but the description is not the same.
I build monuments for them, much like idols explored from times past. I cover them with the sacrosanct soil of my mother’s land, perhaps the remedial quality of the soil and the images that echo words can magically bring tranquility, silence, instant and intuition to present time.

Beyond and Above :

Language prudently conceals but body speaks out bluntly and daringly. Instants that are filled with emotions and unconsciousness are registered through the thinnest of mediums; the skin.   
The impact of texture of body, at first pallid and then defined, tranquility and movement and the repetition of the cycle, reveals the connection and disconnection of self with the outside world.
The dots and dotted lines, register and connect the path of evolution.