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This is a very colorful feminine dress with an iron structure that numerous recycled objects are attached to it. Its empty spaces have been filled with paper mache. At The front of the statue, where the womb is supposed to be located, there is a hollow space. Inside this “hole” certain hanging bronze forms can be seen.

Through this work I have tried to show the inside-outside equation and the complexities of humankind.

People usually see my appearance and judge me on the basis of how I look. But I have secrets inside me… formless secrets that even I cannot define completely; secrets and complexities that are quite special and valuable.

These shiny and formless bronze pieces are placed within the womb, a place of genesis and nurture, because these are the things that trigger the future events of my life.
Dress, Mixed media, 180 x 85 x 85 cm, 2014
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