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Invitation to Flanerie (The Gastronomy of the eye) 2019

Teer art week curatorial project, Hanna boutique hotel

A flâneur is sensitive and curious, looking for spontaneous and instant experiences.  They are captivated by touring urban spaces, more specifically malls, cafes, galleries, luxury places and so on. A flâneur is a consumer of spaces, not products. They are like ghosts, no one understands their observations.  They breathe in the midst of public, but won’t dissolve in them, they keep their distance from the crowd. A flâneur is used to taking a peak everywhere, watching, spending time and presumably take notes. They are conscious, heroes of spaces. Heroes which the likes of them are rare nowadays.
Invitation to a flânerie is to look from another point of view. An exercise of getting close to social praxis. It’s a way of defamiliarization of the mundane. It’s an endeavor of turning living, instant experience to a social, interchangeable experience. Invitation to a flânerie, is the Gastronomy of the eye through looking awry.
Invitation to Flanerie (The Gastronomy of the eye) 2019, 2019
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