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Marriage Proposal

Khaastegaari is the traditional Iranian marriage proposal ceremony in which the bride-to-be, the suitor, and their respective families meet for the first time. As the ceremony begins, the girl goes around with a tray, offering tea to the guests.
In this tradition, I believe what is being served is actually the decapitated bride’s head: she is presenting herself to others, so they can decide if they find her beautiful enough or not. The sculptures were created using casts of my own head. They are not so much beautiful as they are indifferent.


I came home from the party and toed off my shoes. They seemed tired to me, as if
they did not wish to be worn anymore. We also become deformed under pressure.
But by accepting the collection of internal and external changes, we can still find
ourselves brilliant.


Ankles, hair and shoes are part of every woman’s facade. Multiple elements that shape up a single woman’s character. Many wish to find out more but are limited by their own attitude or that of the society.
Etemad Gallery 2010
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