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In The Conference of the Birds, Attar (renowned classical Iranian poet) tells the story of a group of birds that journey to Mount Qaf, the highest point on earth to find Simurgh, the powerful legendary bird. Only 30 of them make it to their destination. There, they see their own reflection in the water, realizing that Simurgh, that powerful bird, is in fact them as a team.
In Persian literature, the word Murgh (chicken) is used to refer to birds of any kind, but in informal speech, Murgh is primarily associated with pre-packed chicken that is ready to be consumed. It is as if the birds, who were once wise and feathered and had the will to fly to faraway lands and impossible destinations, have now turned into chickens: lifeless, headless, and featherless, looking just like each other, and with only one destination: the dinner table.

The March of the Exhausted

“Heaven lies beneath the feet of mothers” is a saying that encourages women to become mothers and accept motherhood as their main calling in life. Yet, the promised heavenly afterlife does nothing to alleviate their suffering in this life. Despite their efforts to maintain their balance while fulfilling their maternal duties, these women deteriorate as they walk towards their destination, without knowing if they will ever reach their promised haven.
Etemad Gallery Dubai (Solo Exhibition 2014)
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