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The serving

I love serving.
I’m offering.
You drink.
Pleasure overwhelms me.
I’ve poured this glass of wine for you.
No! you shouldn’t drink.
You are not thirsty enough.
I’m offering and when you don’t take the glass, I get upset.
I feel like I’m not palatable enough.
You think if you take my wine glasses I will be given out,
but I’ll put more full glasses on my tray,
and I’ll be ready to serve again.
You’ll drink me but I won’t get empty.
You can’t own all the glasses on the tray.
You’re not the owner of the tray.
I’ll be the one who chose the glass you’re about to drink.
Everybody wants their share of my tray.
Please! Drink! Quench your thirst! Be grateful for this moment.
Perhaps it’s the last time I offer you the tray.
I’m sure this drink is different from the others
and you will never forget the taste.
The serving, Fiberglass, Chrome Plated Copper, 120 x 40 x 30 cm, 2013
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