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White Simorgh

In Attar's book [a renowned classical Iranian poet], a group of birds start a journey to find Simurgh, a powerful bird, and fly to Qaf mountain, the highest point on earth. Only 30 of them reach their destination. There they see their own reflection in the water and realize that Simurgh, that powerful bird, is actually them as a team.

In the past, chicken [Farsi: murgh] could mean any kind of bird, regardless of gender, but in present time, chicken is associated with pre-packed female bird, ready to be consumed. It is as if birds, who were wise and had feathers and willfully flew toward the farthest and most impossible mountain of the world, have now turned into lifeless chickens with no heads or feathers, who do not seem to think, have nowhere to fly to, are not united, look just like each other, and are simply for consumption, just like manufactured goods.
White Simorgh, Fiberglass, 200 x 200 cm, 2014
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